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What Type Of Training?

We train dogs using clicker training and positive reinforcement. This helps the dog to realize what we do want from him instead of what we don’t want.

We create an environment that helps the dog and owner to learn faster and easier. Instead of forcing the dog to do something and punishing them when they don’t do it, we reinforce the behaviors we like which makes the behavior occur more often.

Once the dog understands the behavior we like, he will start to repeatedly offer. That’s called a loop. This is when you can add a cue/command to it.

We like to make things easy for the dog and their owner to understand so in training, the steps to success are simple. If you have any questions feel free to contact us down below.

How it Works


First you select which class you’re interested in, each class has its own set of qualifications and prices. If you aren’t sure which is best for you and your pup. Give us a call at 661- 752- 5588 or email us at

We Chat

We talk about your dog’s behaviors. The things you’d like to train, the questions you may have, how the process works, and everything in between. 

Schedule a Date!

We plan a time to start the training! Each dog gets their own learning plan for every package bought. We make sure you get your dream dog and help you bond like never before!

My Services

You’ll fill out a form just to let us know a few things about you and your dog. Once we go through your information in the form you’ll recieve an email or phone call (whichever you prefer) and we will give you even more information on the class. Last but not least, we will set up a time and place to meet that works best for you! (Payment plans vary)

Leash Reactivity 

A four-week package, training once a week. Teach your dog to walk calmly on the leash, no barking at other dogs, lunging, pulling or biting. Just a relaxing walk.


Puppy Boot Camp

Teach your puppy all that they need to know! 

Socialization, nipping, chewing, jumping, housebreaking, restraint exercises, desensitize to strange noises and people, and basic obedience. 


Adult Dog Training

Did you actually believe the term “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, I never have and still don’t. You can still have your dream pup. We go through leash walking, housebreaking, basic obedience. Common issues such as jumping, barking, going in the house, and recall issues.


Clicker Training?

Clicker Training is a nickname given to a type of animal training method. The clicker is used to mark behaviors the trainer wants to occur more often. Once the animal knows what behavior he is being marked and rewarded for, he will offer it consistently. Once that loop is offered than you can put a cue to the behavior.







Dog Owner Reviews

Aryana is the best dog trainer I have ever had the benefit of working with. Her training sessions are set up specifically for your dog’s needs and she understands that all dogs are not the same and using training methods that your dog, based on your dog’s personality, will respond to and understand to. Most dog trainers think there is only one way to train your dog but Aryana collaborates with you to find out what is working for your pup and what does not work. And she is always available for questions during your training time with your pup if you need advice. My 2-year-old Australian Shepherd had large amounts of anxiety and some aggressive behaviors but in 5 weeks of training, she is a completely different dog cause Aryana gave us the tools to help Belle learn how good behaviors outweigh undesired behaviors. I would never think of using any other trainer in the future.”

– Corey Benoit

“My dog is only partway through the puppy training course, but it has been amazing how quickly I’ve seen improvement in my dog. Even though my dog still has a good bit to go in training, I was impressed from the get-go to see how responsive he was to the “Hakuna Matata” training methods. The trainer herself clearly has knowledge and insight on how a dog learns best.” 

-Hanna Creech

I chose two different training sessions for my dog and I saw improvement within the first 2 weeks! I’m on the 10th week and my dog is not jumping on me anymore, neither is he barking when I tell him to stop. He doesn’t run out when I open the door anymore, and he understands when to be playful and when to be calm with people. The dog trainer is organized, professional, and patient while training. My parents don’t speak fluent English, and the trainer does an awesome job when teaching them!” 

-Rachel Utama

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