About Us

How it all started and where I am now

It all started back when I was around 13 years old; when we had planned a trip to go see my grandfather.

My grandfather had invited us to a park to come watch him run his dog, Chili; a beautiful black tri Australian Shepherd. They both played in this sport called dog agility. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically an obstacle course that you take your dog through. You point at obstacles and use body movements to show the dog where you want them to go.

At first glance it looks easy and then you try to do it on your own and fail miserably. It’s interesting really. Anyways, my family and I had stayed all day to watch him run his dog through these courses. The dogs would run as fast as they could through tunnels, over jumps, then would turn around with the flick of the owners shoulder. I sat inside the crate with Chili when she wasn’t running and watched all the other people run too. Over the A-frames and wiggling through the weaves, the dogs each had their own stride and movements. The more you watched the harder it became to look away. As I sat in the small crate with Chili, petting her and being cornered so she could suffocate me with her kisses, I realized I wanted to do something just like that.
    So before we left, my grandfather showed me a few things to teach my own dog. Some clicking and treating, and different fun tricks. I went home and tried to teach my own dog, Coco. I set up two buckets a part from each other with a broom on top then proceeded to try and force her over the homemade jump. For weeks I worked with Coco, trying to teach her the things the other dogs could do. Unfortunately she had no interest in anything but the treats.
My father had told my grandfather just how in love with the sport I was so he took it upon himself to let me borrow his dog and train me how to run. It started from one training session every once in awhile to three times a week. I ran my first show with no qualifications and a few tears but I wanted to keep going. I started running every weekend at any show we could go to. My grandfather and I went on road trips all the time and trained any time we could. I was finally getting the hang of it and wasn’t leaving any show without a ribbon.

Back in 2016, after two years of running, I got to take Chili Bean to ASCA nationals. We traveled to Albany, Oregon and competed for a week straight. One of the best memories I have. That year I had won Number One Junior Agility Runner in the Country. I had fallen in love with the sport and with dogs. I continue to use my passion and love for dogs today…

Today I am now doing whatever I can to help people train their best friend.
To find that connection and bond with their dogs like everyone deserves.